Every house has a small renovation project that’s been put on hold for too long.


Most homes have a number of small renovation jobs needing to be done that take away from the overall appearance of the house.


Maybe you want to upgrade a room or two, refresh your old floorboards, remove an old air-conditioner, and fix the leaking eaves? Give us a call.


Why us?

You will benefit from our:

  • Comprehensive building knowledge (best expert advice),

  • Renowned problem-solving skills in non-standard situations (to save you the headache),

  • Great attention to detail (quality finish), as well as

  • Excellent time management skills.

We have done countless projects in the past that were completed in stages to suit our clients’ schedule and budget requirements.


If you just bought a house for yourself, fixing up a rental property or thinking of selling an existing one that requires some renovations, we will be happy to assist.


Jobs we do include (but not limited to):

  • Restorations (structural timber, decking and flooring, mouldings, fireplaces, brickwork etc.),

  • Detection and elimination of leaks, including fixing any damages.

  • Miscellaneous works (custom made doors/windows to suit non-standard openings in the walls, carpentry works, plastering, tiling, cladding etc.).

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